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Just a quick update about #Chinito! So I was supposed to see him today before going to class but I just have so much shit to do today. Ugh, hating. So I told him to reschedule. I don’t know when though, but I’m kinda glad today didn’t push through. Because in all honesty, I’m not ready. Because I promised myself that the next time I would see him, I would already tell him how I felt. And to go to class crying and feeling rather shit before taking an exam and giving a report? I think I’ll pass. Although, I kinda got disappointed yesterday because I told him something. About me rather wanting him than anyone else. And he laughed and said ” You’re a fool, Nicole” But I think that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world. A beautiful fool. 

I  thought I made the wrong move so I told myself I would stop talking to him until he talks to me first because that would be my last and final sign if indeed, I should go on with this… And then there you have it, the answer I was waiting for.  A few hours later, my phone rang and I checked to see who it was, only to find out that it was him, looking for me. So call me a fool all you want, but I have faith in someone that’s bigger than all of these, than all of your words.  

Oh and then last Tuesday, he asked where I was too. Too bad I was in school though. And then when I asked why, he said because he was near my place and he thought I was home. I think he was kinda asking me to hang out with him in public!!!! And plus, he was with his friends… Ugh, sayang talaga!!! :( Oh well! Next time! ;) Anyway, gotta run! So much school crap to finish. Kill Me Now. 

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Instagram: thesengsterr


Instagram: thesengsterr

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nervously talkin to someone really attractive like


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everything personal


everything personal

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*shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING

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